Any Spanish CSIRT that complies with the generic definition offered by ENISA, FIRST or Trusted Introduced for this type of team (as described on this website or wikipedia) is considered a candidate for membership of the Forum.

Additional requisites for being a member of the Forum are to provide service to a community of users in Spain, to have the capability to react to security incidents and to have missions and objectives which by law or organizational decision aim to enhance the security of technologies and communications in the Community they serve.

It is also a requirement for admission to the group to be a member of the FIRST forum or to be accredited to the Trusted Introducer forum. As an exception, Public centers can apply for membership if two members vouch for them. State Security Forces and Corps (FFCCS) have automatic membership approval. Only one group (CSIRT, response group) per NIF or entity will be admitted as a member of

The request for a new member to join the forum must be made by their representative through the contact form in the Contact section of the website.

In order to ensure cooperation and trust among the members of the Forum, the admission of new members will be subject to a vote (not voting will be considered as a vote in favor, applying the principle of "silence procedure") by the full members of the forum with a unanimous vote in favor required for admittance. This vote may be taken via the mailing list (in which case a period of 15 calendar days is allowed for a reply to the vote) or in a face-to-face meeting. In the voting process, votes may be cast in favor or against the admittance of the candidate in the forum. In case of a “no” vote it is important to give a rational reason why the candidate should not be allowed to enter the forum.

In the event of a veto, the candidate member shall have the opportunity to defend its position at a meeting, with an absolute majority vote being taken by the full members.

If the vote is in favor of admittance, the new members will be admitted on probation for a maximum of one year, before the end of which they must attend a face-to-face meeting and present the services of their center. Once this presentation has been made, they shall be considered full members. If they do not make such a submission within a year, their access to the forum resources will be revoked and they will have to re-start the registration process.

Current CSIRT Forum members: