Cookie policy

Browsing through this website, just as through any other website leaves behind the IP track that was assigned by the Internet service provider for a given session. The register of the IP address is for internal use only, such as the website access statistics.

The CSIRT website and its domains use cookies (small information files sent by the server to the computer of the user who is browsing the website) for the correct functioning and visualization of the website, for statistics purposes and for any security elements involved in control of access to restricted areas.

Accepting the cookie policy

The CSIRT displays information on its cookie policy at the bottom of each page anytime a session is started to inform the user.

As the information is displayed, the following actions may be carried out:

  • Accepting cookies. This warning will not appear again when accessing other pages of the website during the session.
  • Closing. The warning is concealed in the present page.
  • Changing the configuration.

How to change the configuration of cookies

You may restrict, block or delete the cookies of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism as well as from any other website by using your browser. Each browser operates differently. The “Help” feature will show you how to do it.